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Mountain Snow: Pheeroan akLaff & Milesh Thandukar

Mountain Snow: Pheeroan akLaff & Milesh Thandukar

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American and Nepalese percussionists' worlds converge in a 35 minute improvisation. Recorded at Kampo studios Kyoto. All proceeds from this product goes to NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF.

The Willisau Concert
  • The Willisau Concert

The Willisau Concert

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Two selections from the CD Pheeroan akLaff Quartet featuring John Stubblefield at the Willisau International Music Festival Mark Helias, bass, Ed Cherry, guitar.

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1 - King of Harts - J. Stubblefield 2 - Almost Fall - E. Cherry 3 - Serious - P. akLaff 4 - Poetry Leg Room - P. akLaff 5 - Hikalu Express - P. akLaff 6 - Skin - M. Helias

Quest Live 1999

The internationally acclaimed New York Trio led by pianist Yosuke Yamashita, is in it’s 27th year of thrilling concert houses with artful ensemble music.
Mr. Yamashita, a worthy constituent of the “Gutai” movement of Japanese artists, modeled his early work after firebrand American vanguard musicians giving social significance to creative independence in their findings.
He is a National Treasure Artist, Oribe awardee,  and has received several citations of honorable note.
Cecil McBee and Pheeroan akLaff have been the stalwart accompanists in his New York Trio of strident and elegant folklore, interdisciplinary performances, and recordings in several musical settings. This three-decade nucleus with legendary chemistry, is coming to a theater near you! That is if you live in Japan.
Fond memories for some in the U.S. would occur at the famed Sweet Basil Club in New York, Japan Foundation of New York and Los Angeles, the Kennedy Center, and the San Francisco Jazz festival.
Yosuke Yamashita: New York Trio Recordings
• Grandioso, (Verve) 2013 Delightful Contrast  (Universal 2011) •Triple Cats, (Verve 2009) Mystic Layers (Verve 2008)• Pacific Crossing (Verve 2005) •  Wind of the Age (Verve 2004) • Canvas in Vigor  (Verve 2003) • Fragments (Verve 1999) 
• Ways of Time (Polygram 1997 ) 
• Spider
 (Verve 1995) • Dazzling Days (Polygram 1994)
 • Kurdish Dance (Antilles, 1993) 
• Sakura Live ( Antilles 1991)
 • Plays Gershwin
 (Verve ) 
• Sakura • (Kitty 1989) Crescendo (Kitty 1988)


20th Century Japan concludes with Yamashita's 1999 Quest concert 

It was 1999, the year of Prince's ubiquitous song title which rang more of "Y2K" fear than parties.
E-mail and the internet was becoming necessary, even for university teaching as I was in my sixth year of learning to teach.
I embraced this live performance tour with many drums, cymbals, cow bell, and precious temple blocks that were personal gifts; a mulberry tree mokugyo from a priest I met in Iwaki city, and an oak mokugyo from my friend's father Mr. Suda in Kyoto.

It was a transitional year for me musically because I was fortunate enough to perform and record with Andrew Hill, Julian Priester, Sam Rivers, adding to the many genius artists I loved and admired. 

There is no way to explain the zeal that was the New York Trio led by Yosuke Yamashita. His appetite for international and intellectual adaptation is unmatched. His humor exceeds the limits of the cultural boundaries he knew. His concern for fellow artists and his public is immeasurable. It is clear in this video that I am enjoying my role as accompanists and soloist equally.